Thursday, January 29, 2009

2009 Is Going Be An Interesting Time

Vault-Co predicts things are going to go from bad to worse for many of the nations that can scarcely afford to weather such conditions, not just unstable third world countries but also the biggest and formerly most confident nations on Earth.

Judging from human history, a crippling collapse usually follows an era that is hallmarked by feelings of invulnerability and immortality by a reigning power. War usually follows a period in which people have become so complacent they no longer remember what a war is like and do not know anyone who has fought in one. That usually means there is about to be a truly catastrophic war that will involve all the resources a nation has thrown into combat against another country.

All the slack-jawed amoral droolers you see today in 2009 are identical to the slack-jawed amoral droolers that were produced by the roaring 20's of 1929. It is likely the bulk of them will be consigned to die on a battlefield somewhere for purposes which will forever remain vague. The big difference is that in 1929 you would be shipped across the ocean to the battlefield, whereas today the battlefield is delivered to your home address by ICBM.

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