Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Yellowstone : A Mt. Saint Helens Quake Profile?

The long tremors that taper into a series of bup-bup-bups like the lid of a kettle boiling are a very bad signature according to some seismologists. It means something is percolating down there and the pressure is taking longer and longer to relieve each time.

Mt. Saint Helens was a party favor popcap. Yellowstone would be like a supernova in comparison. The crater alone might cover parts of three states.

What would happen if Yellowstone blew? It would make global nuclear war look like a Girl Scout bake sale in comparison. The left half of the United States would have to learn how to breathe in wet cement for a week or so, no biggie.

It has been bulging out steadily for a decade, which is a blink in geological time. Recent quakes along connected fault lines have only made it worse.

This isn't happening in a vacuum. Far from it. It appears that all this stuff, as Vault-Co has suggested a thousand times, is in fact a part of a much bigger picture.

Yet even though the sunspot count does seem to be less chaotic than the stock market, there is an unexpected tie between the two. In 1879, Professor Jevons, an ornament of my employer, University College London, and inventor of a philosophical machine called the Logic Piano, suggested that from "the Sun, which is truly 'of this great world both eye and soul', we derive our strength and our weakness, our success and our failure, our elation in commercial mania, and our despondency and ruin in commercial collapse."

You know all those old fogey myths that modern sophisticates are always chuckling at, like the idea that sunspots somehow influence biology and natural processes down here on Earth? Well, as it turns out, the old fogeys were right and it is they who have cause to chuckle at us. In fact, we are part of a continuum of influence that extends from the lowest micro-organism right into the center of the galaxy. It's all one big fat magnetic field and there are no forms you can request to fill out to opt out of the experience. Like Harry Tuttle said, we're all in this together, kid.


Anonymous said...

its pretty evident its gonna blow soon....unfortunately, the author is correct on what is going to happen...sad thing is we probably will never know for sure till happens in real time.

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