Thursday, December 11, 2008

Yanks Won't Be Going Back To The Moon

Manimals. Chimpmanzees. Beastumans. Monkeys in manpants. Seriously, watching these things makes me wince with pain and embarrassment.

Freedom of speech is only for humans.

Check this guy's quote out :

“Racism and xenophobia have no place in Europe. Nor should it in any other part of the world. Dialogue and understanding should overcome hatred and provocation,” said Jacques Barrot, Vice-President of the European Commission.

... errrr ... didn't you just ban dialogue? Is that understanding or compliance you're talking about? You do fishy tongue-twisting things with language, bolshevist. I suspect this is the kind of "freedom and equality" being talked about.

The European Union makes the Gestapo look like badly behaved boy scouts in comparison. Honestly, does anybody think that Europe would have fared worse under the Nazis? You ended up with the same iron hand of oppression, only this one is genocidal towards the natives.

Globalwarmthinkery is also interested in banning speech - full blown psychosis on display here.

Just for laughs. Remember, a merely fifty years ago this nation put a man on the moon with punchcards and computers running on vaccuum tubes. In 1955 they were widely considered the greatest race of engineers the world has ever seen.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't sound good. Did you ever have a plan apart from diversion? It shouldn't be difficult to wipe out Brussels with the right kind of bioweapon. So why hasn't anyone done that yet? What ever you say, it would have a purifying effect.

CadorBolin said...

That's the real Jew World Order right there.

andyboots37 said...

Dude, if you really think they actually put a man on the moon you're just mac-tacking your own psychosis on to theirs.

Shouldn't there be a Micky D's on the moon by now? I mean comparing the tech today with the punchcards and vacuum tubes of the sixties?

It doesn't matter how smart you are, you can't get chicken salad out of chicken sh**.

It was a propaganda answer to sputnik.

July 20 1969 is romper room compared to 911.

Wake up.

andy boots.

zwick said...

All those brave men died in Europe during WW2 for nothing. Allegedly the war started for England with the Germans violating Poland. What happened to Poland after 1945? It, and all of eastern Europe was in the Soviet collective slavecamp. Would Europe today be better off if Germany won? Yes. Were the Nazis good little snugglebunnies? No. Being German they saw what the consequences were if they did nothing. They knew they had little time, so they were logically remorseless in their actions. The errors made by the Reich are well documented, so it's not useful to go over that again. So, what can we (as members of Western Civilization) do to rectify the current, and inevitable, disaster of epic scale? Nothing. Let it go. God will find his own.

Anonymous said...

The jews already have several bases on the moon. This has been documented extensively and is further proof that they might very well be aliens posing as human beings.

The world needs to wake up!