Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ron Paul on the Freight Train That Is Approaching

In particular, mark last week of January 2009 on your calendar. Something is coming big in that week early next year.

Listen carefully to the new "communalist" paradigm the elites now believe in. They have modified bolshevist ideas to incorporate the notion of having their slaves pay for and run businesses as custodians within parameters they set, like sharecroppers or medieval peasants assigned to work tracts of agricultural land. This will free up their resources for higher level state planning - or so they believe.

Of course, that won't work either, any better than the original communism. They're actually pretty damn stupid in addition to being incredibly evil. They could not get away with any of it unless the average manboon was incredibly stupid. It's the IDIOCRACY that makes any of it possible.


CadorBolin said...

Alex Jones sees Nazis/Fascists under every bed but never names the Jew.

Obama has been pushed by the tribe for the past 4 years and they'll rig the economy to turn around so that he can be the savior, a Black man who fixed what the White man screwed up.

(Yeah, Ron Paul is one of the good guys but he has to make everything that he says sound semitically correct)

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