Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New World Order Picks A Perfect Generation To Impose World Government On

Hissing nancy-boys and mewling mini-men, half bitch and all shopping all the time. Mighty metrosexuals less powerful than a socialist imperative and slower than a speeding fudge packer.

Dim, dense and delicate. It's government gone wild in the absence of any possible opposition. It's not just the dearth of resistance ... it's the loss of the capacity to resist anything, period.

Keep eating that aspartame and waxing your back, rocket scientists. You're about to receive the deepest cornholing of any domesticated dumbasses in world history. You're worse than a slave. A slave knows it's a slave. You don't even know what you don't know, which is like knowing less than nothing at all. You know what you don't know? Well, know this - it is everything you don't know that will hurt you the worst of all.


zwick said...

Dead-on as usual, tex. My supervisor is a 35 year old classic metrosexual. While he is popping sugar free breath mints all day, he's also administering eye drops and endlessly putting on more hand cream. I'm waiting for the eye make-up and foundation for his face. He is married with two kids. He calls his wife to ask what would be good for him to have for lunch, I s--t you not. Can you imagine him and his ilk charging off the landing barges at Iwo Jima? It would be amusing if he was an exception, but unfortunately their number is legion. He's never worked on a car,owns no tools, no firearms nor (he's proud to point out) never even held a gun or a wrench in his life.His private joy is video games. Nuf said.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with video games, as a concept. They are games.