Monday, December 1, 2008

Morality Without God? You Don't Get Around Much, Do You?

I was an atheist for sixteen years and I used to spout that crap, too. Something happened to me. I grew up.

Man is barely, just barely, conscious of his own sin with the help of Christ. Without him, there are no checks and balances on human behaviour of any kind. None whatsoever. If you don't believe me, show me any nation not founded on Christian principles which has attracted immigration from all over the world by any means necessary, including life risking danger. People say one things with their mouth but it is the vote they make with their feet that tells the true story of what is going on.

I say this as one of those rare atheists who on more than one occasion practiced extremely virtuous conduct without the offer of a reward of immortality. In fact, I would say I am the exception that proves the rule. All the other secular humanists I knew tended to regard me as a born loser, in the same breath they asserted that man could be good without the help of the Lord. Ridiculous critters.


Solsys said...

There's another way to look at this.

"Lying to parents about something significant" can ALSO happen when the children have no confidence in the parents themselves.

I'd say that a select 10% of these teenage liars have figured out their parents were mindless sheeple, and couldn't handle the truth.

When parents are moralising morons instead of helping the kid out of a messy situation, the brighter kids make it on their own.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tex,

You don't have to believe in the mythology of religion to believe in a high power of God or Gods.

Anonymous said...

You can be moral with or without god.
You can be immoral with or without god.
Just happens that most that have rejected good morals have rejected god also.
My morals are the same as that of a christian but I am not a christian.
Christians do not have a monopoly on goodness

thomas said...

Tex, I suspect you don't have any kids...

andyboots37 said...

If there is no standard (i.e., the Bible/God) how can the word "moral" even be defined?

A person's "morals" could not only accept, but mandate pedophilia without a reference point outside his own self-serving appetite.

It could be as relative and fickle as the daily weather.

Think about it.

andy boots

Anonymous said...

How about Israel? A nation that does not believe in Christ and yet attracts immigrants from all over the world who even risk their lives to get there. Sorry Just had to point out that.

Anonymous said...

Morals come from within, through examination of past consequences and instilled values. God is neither here nor there. Christianity is neither here nor there. Though I'll agree that they can give morals to the immoral.

Really, Tex, you are usually spot on, but what you are saying here is a slice of the truth.

Texas Arcane said...

Thomas, there you go worrying about the children of a complete stranger again.

It's creepy. It's eerie. It's wild and whacky. It's Kwanzanese.

Oddly enough, I do not seem to have a compelling morbid fascination with your kids and their welfare. That's your business. I find keeping my own family together and healthy occupies all of my time and I don't have too much to spare to ponder about other people's children. Are you one of those people like Hillary Clinton promising to save the families of the world when her own family at home is a human train wreck? Makes sense in a kind of Kwanzanian way.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 7:19

Urban mythology.

Nobody is fighting to get into that place outside of their press releases. Plenty fight to get out. A majority qualified to live there legally at any time choose not to of their own free will.

Most of that country is an unoccupied ghost town now.

thomas said...

No, you're a pretty smart guy, but once you have kids, you'll go back to not believing in God and Christian fairytales...

Texas Arcane said...

You got it backwards. I was an atheist for 16 years.