Thursday, December 18, 2008

Laugh Out Loud With Solar Cycle 24 (2012 AD)

Remember that simulation they did? "Our magical magnetic space shield will remain to protect us from radiation even when the magnetism is no longer there to support it." You bet it will! Invest in sub-prime derivatives, too!

They want more solar activity. Vault-Co predicts they will be getting some shortly.

Extinction event hamburger helper from our invisible space friend

Discovered right in time for the Apocalypse

Vault-Co says it every day for ten years, we're a bunch of fringe nuts. NASA publishes it and the next day it is legitimate orthodoxy. This is like that thing Vault-Co was talking about, except it isn't that thing because that would make Vault-Co legitimate.

When we first began reading about this stuff in 1998, it seemed nuts too. Call it confirmation bias if you want, but we call it the scientific method because using those nutty theories we were able to accurately predict scientific "discoveries" like these long before they became acceptable to concede by the mainstream. In fact, increasingly the mainstream seems like all it really does is clean up the crumbs of what they call the "fringe." Almost all of these ideas were simply logical projections of the consequences of these facts once you accepted them:

  1. We're at the end of the interglacial and the beginning of the Maunder Minimum.
  2. The Maunder Minimum is associated with magnetic reversals and volcanism.
  3. Magnetic reversals are associated with extinction events and always seem to happen around the Maunder Minimum. Ditto for volcanic winters.
  4. The Sun appears to be the source of these cycles and the passage of the solar system through the galactic plane (particularly immediately afterwards when it is moving away) seems to be the source of the Sun's cycles.
  5. We just passed through the galactic plane and are now moving away from it.


Wait, you say! This is too much apocalyptic front loading for me! Armageddon skeptical!

Why does all this current geopolitical lunacy otherwise coincide with this very same era?

For the past 4000+ years, mankind has believed that solar cycles (and magnetic fields) affect human behaviour down here on Earth by influencing human behaviour.

Bingo! Wrap! Nothing to see here, folks, everybody into their respective vaults.

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zwick said...

Gee whiz, what a coincidence that all this is happening at the same time. Make you wonder...oh well! Back to my Keystone light 30 packs and movie rentals!