Friday, December 5, 2008

'Kwanzans are Vile

Their entire culture is just another shade of their loathsome pornography. Barbarians would regard them as a barbaric people.

Trust me, I've read most of the Federalist Papers. The Founding Fathers would conduct a first strike on our own soil with nuclear weapons ten minutes after you gave them the launch codes. These revolting human beings were not what they had in mind for the Republic when they created it. The final days of the Roman Empire were a staid affair compared to the monstrously ugly nation that is the last hour of the 'Kwa.

Far more degenerate than Weimar Germany

Applying any metric, any standard of conduct held by any civilized people in the last 2000 years would reveal them to be (taken as a whole) people of absolutely no merit in any measure.


zwick said...

I'm reading Tex's words while listening to Beethovens 5th symphony. It's comforting for me. The din of people screaming and crying will soon be too much for me, so I want to have this musical joy to fill my senses. Only trust yourself, or trusted loved ones. The damned will look the same as anyone and everyone. Have no pity. These are indeed evil times and one has to be aware. Save your own.

Anonymous said...

Texas Arcane is a maddening conflict between popular agitator and esoteric messiah. Can anyone argue against that? It's the key to everything.

Kosher-Co said...

When Tex is wrong hes still pretty good. When hes right hes the best. His mistakes are still better than the puppet heads on TV. Im just waiting for the lottery numbers.