Thursday, December 25, 2008

The John Birch Society Got It Right

Everybody else was mostly flapping their lips.

The Birch society posited a worldwide communist conspiracy at a time when Americans were happy, well fed and totally unsuspecting of what was really going on in their own country.

In retrospect, almost all of the Birch society's predictions have since come to pass. It is noteworthy that almost all of this garbage started a few months after I was born and right around the aftermath of the Kennedy Assassination. The destroyer locusts started the culture wars as soon as JFK was out of the picture.


zwick said...

When "they" realized that the murder of Kennedy was successful, imagine how powerful and vain-glorious the organizers felt. They could do anything and get away with it. And did.

jbs-1 said...

Which "predictions" did the JBS get right?

According to the FBI files on the JBS, and on the CPUSA, the JBS analysis was totally wrong!

See: for details.

More info:

zwick said...

I read those files. You believe Hoovers' FBI? Bwahaha! Hoover, a cross dressing faggot, said that he was concerned about "far right-wing extremists". The JBS claimed Eisenhower was a commie dupe. Bingo! Except, when you read about the JBS in the future, substitute the word "communist" with the word "zionist". Then you'll get it right.