Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Illuminati Start Suffocating Themselves With Their Own Pillows Again

He held it over his own face until his arms were too weak to fight back.

Hell has reserved parking for bankers.


zwick said...

We'll never know what he was about to do or say that disturbed the masters of the universe. Years ago I used to research the passenger lists of all plane crashes to see who was the real target. Airline disasters are too messy and visible. Suicide or the very sudden onset of a fatal illness is much better.

Anonymous said...

And Jews
And Fags
And Libuhrals
And Commies
And Feminists
And Niggers

Hell will be full! Amen!

Anonymous said...

About blacks, case in point, I graduated from Cordova High School in Cordova, TN in 2002 when it was part of the Shelby County Schools system: It was a mainly white school and the blacks that did attend mostly acted, talked, and dressed like white people (in other words, they were civilized). Then in 2004 the school became part of the Memphis City Schools system and blacks from the ghetto started being bussed in. (This was part of a program of annexation by Memfrica of the Cordova neighborhood, which had previously been a part of unincorporated Shelby County.)

Now, I hear about fights everyday at my old school, which were unheard of when I attended. What was once a pleasant farming-turned-suburban community is itself starting the process of turning into a ghetto and urbanized area, as the number of blacks moving in increases, which process has been driving the whites who have lived in this community for years further out into Shelby County, to the unincorporated areas or to Arlington (northeast Shelby County) or Millington (northern Shelby County), or even to Fayette County, which is east of Shelby County.

I remember hearing that when Cordova High became a part of the Memphis City Schools, many teachers I had remembered learning from there went to Arlington High School, a county school, so they did not have to be a part of the city school system. They were right to do so, because I have since heard about the hellhole it has become, such as depicted in this video:

Look at the few white students that you can see, as they are not participating in the brawl and instead are alert, but are rather dazed. There are other videos on YouTube with this theme and I imagine that others can be found on subject matter like this for schools across this country.

It seems that those who questions the assumptions that different races are exactly the same are those that have spent the most time around other races, while others have spent little time around other races but their own.

Anonymous said...

Some questions for you Tex, how do you deal with fear of the collapse and do you think we will last until the end of 2010?

Anonymous said...

Tex never replies to questions that sound like homosexual harassment, but I think he would feel pretty cozy in his underground bunker city in a remote part of Australia.