Thursday, December 11, 2008

How Many Previous Nuclear Wars?

Standard mediavitzim flashbang obfuscation.

Behind the scenes, there isn't a single qualified archeologist who hasn't dated the Sphinx at 20,000 years or older. The water erosion around the base likely happened at least 11,000 years ago around the end of the last Ice Age. This article is an attempt to recover lost ground by the orthodoxy.


zwick said...

I think all of our historic timelines are way off. We know how we record history now, as in after the end of the dark ages. But history was told before that in scraps of parchment or stone,with only the point of reference the king or ruler alive at that time. I can't believe the Romans used the same weapon (the gladius sword) unchanged for a thousand years. Or even 200 years. Something is off with that and many other examples. The monuments of old were inherited. There was a nuclear war in our past, I believe it. Maybe we only get to this point, blow ourselves away, and the survivors start over.

Anonymous said...

The romans actually had quite a few swords that came into and out of fashion. The gladius only saw widespread use at the end of the republic age.