Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hell is made for Krisschans

... and all their apostate, heretical gobbledygook. Still waiting for that Rapture, Krisschans? How come a lot of K-Chanians are already going through Tribulation? Weren't they supposed to teleport out by now?

The Rapture is a creation of Cyrus Scofield, the fornicating forger who abandoned his wife and family to run off with some slut he met after getting bailed out of prison by a zionist who told him he was to be the author of a brand new "bible."

The Bible tells us no man knows the day and it is a mystery what will happen. Until then we should be prudent, prepared and stand watchful for the Day of the Lord. The Meek, after all, will inherit the Earth.


zwick said...

The Holy Bible is our guidebook. To take one line from it and formulate a separate belief system is folly. To believe one man's interpretation of one line of the Bible is stupidity. From my view, 'born again' is like refried beans...what was wrong in the first place?

Anonymous said...

trueaim said...


The correct translation from the original Greek is "born from above" not "born again"...The KJV contains many mistranslations.

andyboots37 said...

We were born spiritually dead. That's what was wrong in the first place.

If you have the Son, you have Life, if you don't have the Son, you don't have Life.

Weird, you took a line like the one about being born again and said it was like refried beans? Seems like you've formulated a separate belief system from the Bible.

That's Zwack! zwick.

andy boots

andyboots37 said...

Tex, you perplex me.

You embrace the compatibility of creationism with evolution which undermines the Genesis account. This would inturn question the entire Bible as the inspired word of God.

Then you go off on these scathing tirades over the rapture?
Like someone would have to be some communist trogladite to accept, or even be open to, the possibility of a pre-trib rapture?

Duuuuuude! You major in the minors and minor in the majors.

The best SCRIPTURAL reasons I've heard for it are:
-you need to fulfill the 70th week of Daniel.
-the times of the gentiles have not been fulfilled
-God's not finished with Israel
-It's a time of judgement (not persecution) from God-not the world.
-Jesus took the believers judgement (well everybody's, but not everybody accepts the free gift).
-After Rev:3, you don't read anymore about the church and from then the judgements are passed.

I hope you don't think me a chimera-generated-paint-chip-eating-geekster for that.

But I love you even if you do because I'm a possessor of the Holy Spirit and eternal Life:)))))

Maranatha bro!

andy boots

zwick said...

Andyboots37....Good one!

Texas Arcane said...

AndyBoots, I have always appreciated your comments no matter what, even when we disagree. I can tell when somebody is my brother in Christ.

Expect to be disappointed if you are expecting Scofield's Rapture. I have a strong instinct that isn't going to happen when anybody is expecting it. Perhaps not for a thousand years or maybe in the next ten minutes. I do not believe the end times are anything like what apostates in the U.S. have taught their flocks.

andyboots37 said...

Touche Tex!

No matter what, the family of God lives forever:))))))

Jesus is King.

Aurora said...

Interesting blog. Found you over at Aus Survivalist. I also think there's little likelihood of a 'rapture' though many of the people around me have believed in it since I was a kid. Not much is being said about it now though.
I think though you ought to be gentler with those who believe in it. "A gentle answer turns away wrath"
I was convinced re: the Rapture simply by having Bible verses read out to me in a small group. "The antiChrist is destroyed at the coming of Christ". (In Thessalonians somewhere, I think).