Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Greece - Even The Revolution Is Lied About

Greek government tells the rest of the world that the worst rioting the nation has ever seen is anger over a police shooting.

I noticed the difference right away between what the articles were saying and what the photos were telling me. A million people don't charge parliament over a police shooting. As usual, a straw man is created to shield the government from reality.

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Anonymous said...

They riot because they are mostly leftwing youth and the government is a deeply unpopular conservative one. That, the recession and Greece's right wing junta history (making Greece one of the few countries where communism and anarchism are still popular and where state institutions like the police are regulary vilified or linked to the junta past) are part of the reason this is happening. The shooting was just a catalyst.

This has nothing to do with banks. It has however everything to do with history.