Monday, December 22, 2008

Felix + Vault-Co = Right. Rest of Planet, Wrong.

Worse than wrong. 180 degrees polar opposite of the truth.

Robert Felix should get a Nobel Prize. Honestly. They used to actually give these things to people who deserved them. Creative problem solving in paleoclimatology should be rewarded with recognition if it proves to be demonstrable. I've read a lot of biographical work about Alfred Nobel and trust me, he would not be happy with the idiots who hijacked his foundation so they could give awards to communist morons like Albert Gore to support their plans for a marxist world coup.

If we'd have listened to our ancestors in the 1950's we'd be a lot better off right now. The culture wars of the 1960's destroyed faith in our ancestral wisdom and shortly thereafter we lost Western civilization. The coming Ice Age is only adding insult to injury and aggravating things by about a factor of a million. Look how many people are dying right now in the U.S. and then imagine what it will be like after the next solar cycle comes to and end in 2012. This planet is going to get really, really cold. As in, kill off most of the world's population cold.


CadorBolin said...

Every time they have one of these globo-warming conferences, some act of divine comedy comes along and causes the it to be disrupted by bad cold weather.

Sean said...

You say that "As in, kill off most of the world's population cold. " part as if it were a bad thing