Saturday, December 13, 2008

Enoch Powell Was Right - All Others Were Hopelessly, Ridiculously Wrong

This is what Britain is doing right now.

This is what I want it to do.

It will be nicer. Quieter. The birds will return. Soon, after a few rains, green will bloom everywhere again. The air will clean up and soon it will be so sweet it will smell of honey and lilac. The bones will be covered by crawling ivy and broken down into dust.

Best of all, multiculturalists and their gibberish will be heard no longer. Instead there will be the sounds of chirping insects and singing aviaries. No more prattling, droning, whining, whinging, agony-aunt pathetic mewling about this, that and the other, all of it some kind of "injustice" that is "remedied" by cash handouts and a free lunch. The fools and their marks will lie quietly in the soil undisturbed with no grating voices of the disgruntled to be heard. This planet suffers from that whinging noise more than any other affliction it has ever known.

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zwick said...

It's over for those poor bastards, as well for us amerikans. A good book I read in the 1990's about social mayhem is "Slow Motion Riot" by Peter Blauner. This book illustrated the point that what happens in a society with no morals, no standards, no justice, no honor anything goes. The book postulates that we live in the shit of our own creation. I still find it amazing that the English encouraged these negroes to come to their country. After centuries of colonial rule in Africa, they HAD to know what would happen. To unleash these violent scumbags on the peaceful British people? What a tragedy.