Saturday, December 20, 2008

Danish Arctic research dates Ice Age

“Our new, extremely detailed data from the examination of the ice cores shows that in the transition from the ice age to our current warm, interglacial period the climate shift is so sudden that it is as if a button was pressed”, explains ice core researcher Jørgen Peder Steffensen, Centre for Ice and Climate at NBI at the University of Copenhagen.

Must read.

As Vault-Co has always said, along with Robert Felix.

We're overdue. For certain. We're now running into sudden death match overtime.

gloBowArmtHinkeRy is madness.

Total, massive insanity. This article neglects to mention that human sources only account for 0.0001% of the carbon dioxide in the air ... theoretically. This article claims half the "world's emissions" come from other sources. Seriously, just look at that giant tube that asshole has constructed and tell me these people aren't insane. They're raving nuts.

Kwanzania is run by faggots, madmen and communists and it is destined for the trashbin of history. Nothing can stop it now. It's a done deal.

(Check out last link above where middle class people line up to beg for jobs at the dump)


Anonymous said...

Soon we don't have to worry about climate change:

Anonymous said...

That last link pissed me off.

Imagine begging for a crap job? I mean literally on your hands and knees begging!

F**k that.

trueaim said...

CO2 is a relatively heavy atmospheric gas, one of the reasons why there is so little of it in the atmosphere; after the initial energy release and heat transfer it sinks, sinks back down to earth, most CO2 ends up being stored in the Ocean.

In 5 years time to public state such truth will be a jailable offence under global warming denial laws, just like holocaust denial laws, just like '1984' thought crime laws! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the hockey stick link. I get a little nostalgic reading that one again.

No. 9: "...This continues despite repeated demonstrations that the statistics seem to be specifically designed to pick out hockey stick shaped proxies from even fake random red noise data."

It gets funnier every time I read it. Perhaps Mr. Mann can get a job at Fox creating graphs proving the US is not only out of recession, but has in fact exceeded China in its annual growth rate.