Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Britain Kevorkians Itself

Kiss Britain goodbye. Last human to leave please turn out the lights.

A raging sea of STD's due to flame out in a blast of gonorrhea and infertile whores.

Pity Britain. It's pitiful.


zwick said...

What slays me is that some MP's refer to the flood of human filth infesting Britain as "Guests". "We must change various societal customs to benefit our guests". When are they going to tear down all those offensive statues that dot England? You know, the ones' like Nelson's, Wellington's,etc? I've got it! They'll cover them up with a tarp, and establish one day a year to show them. They can call that day English heritage day or filthy imperialist war criminal day! Hip-Hip-Hooray and praise allah(blessed be his name).

Anonymous said...

Real life often stranger than fiction.