Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Another "Conspiracy Nut" Theory Proves True

... and everybody else was wrong.

General George Patton was killed before he could return home to the United States and expose the entire Second World War as a scheme from start to finish. It is believed Patton amongst other things was going to reveal that Franklin Delano Roosevelt had ordered the radar turned off at Pearl Harbor when it caught the Japanese fleet approaching. This was the tip of the iceberg - Patton knew where all the skeletons were buried when the U.S. surrendered half of Europe to the Soviets.


CadorBolin said...

I tell people about these things _all the time_, they just shrug their shoulders. They're walking corpses.

These same people were told by me about the designs of legalizing sodomite marriage 15 years ago. Now that they have the internet, they feel they have to whine and complain to me by email about all of these horrible things happening with links to articles.

"I told you about this stuff 15 years ago was in the works, you laughed at me. Now buzz off and stop boring me with the things that I already know about."

Everything that we see today is the result of WW2 -- our glorious heroes who 'liberated' us from Nazism were also fighting for Brokeback Mountain, Barack Obama and pop culture's ridicule of Christianity.

The kwa today now looks exactly like the following Nazi war propaganda poster's depiction of the US:

Liberators (link to picture)

Anonymous said...

The Soviet leadership only exiled Zhukov. The American leadership had Patton murdered. George Patton was a man of honor, integrity and courage and thus was far too dangerous to be left alive.
Would America be what it is today if Patton or MacArthur had become president?

Justin Patrick said...