Sunday, November 30, 2008

When Men Forget Consequences The End Is Nigh

Excellent article by J.R. Nyquist about the decline of Rome.

To borrow a phrase from Neil Postman, the Romans were “entertaining themselves to death.”
Sound familiar?

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Anonymous said...

"Specialization is for insects" isnt that what Heinlein had written? While it is true that man is capable of great achievements in the arts and sciences if those who have those gifts are free to pursue them, those same gifted people would starve if they had to provide for their own survival. Our specialization and our love of leisure will be the deaths of us- not just here in the USA but most of the whole world is as interdependent as the old Roman Empire. What country's economy is not dependent on import or export of goods? The Bushmen of the Kalahari wont even notice we are gone but most of us will go down with a wimper not a roar of defiance. All any of us can do is our best toprotect our own family from the coming crash. And hope the slide does not end in oblivion.