Saturday, November 1, 2008

Vault-Co Is At Least 20 years Ahead of The Traditional Scientific Community

I first wrote about this phenomenon back in 1998, only a few months after the first Vault-Co site was up. I specifically wrote that I believed there was a connection in magnetic fields between the Sun and the Earth that was involved in an exchange of influence, with the Sun dictating most of the changes we see here on Earth using different forms of radiation we cannot see with the naked eye.

How did I figure this out? That's like asking me what makes me so sure that putting toilet water on plants will make them grow. It's called inductive reasoning and contrary to all the people screaming at you that it is forbidden to use or even think about, in fact it is the foundation of Western civilization.

If you are old to enough to know, you are probably saying, "Hey, wait a second, Tex, back in the fifties this was considered a tenet of solar science," then sure, you got me. I manage to seem like a whiz kid a lot by simply ignoring human society and their "science" after 1963 and assuming nothing they believe in is correct. By the 1970's most traditional climatology had been abandoned for a new psychotic environmentalism that makes no sense at all, perfectly suited for modern people who also make no sense at all.

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