Saturday, November 15, 2008

They're COMING, like Vault-Co Told You

How did Vault-Co know about these developments so far in advance? Do we have a crystal ball? Or is the real key to knowing the future involve understanding humans, not robots?

The sociopath has a way of looking at the world. His biggest problem with achieving his inherently insane goals is that he has to use other humans to do it. They're fickle and unreliable and ultimately they will not demonstrate the absolute obedience and ruthlessness that he wants from them. The dream of the sociopath/psychopath for countless thousands of years is to exercise his will through an army of slaves who will be a perfect reflection of his pitiless, remorseless inhuman desires.

You could consider what is happening now to be the manifestation of the collective unconscious of the sociopaths who occupy our institutions. It's what they want.


Anonymous said...

How is your vault going to be able to defend against the robot hordes? You may disable the first couple, but then they'll start dropping grenades down the hatch until all signs of life cease.

Texas Arcane said...

You're dreaming. We drop robot hordes like so much scrap metal at Vault-Co. Tell me when you've got a serious threat.

zwick said...

Even better than robot soldiers would be VERY low IQ humans (or sort of human) to do the dirty work. There are so many of them, so easily directed. In my experience, for every one sociopath that is smart, there are 1000 sociopaths that are morons. It's going to work out great! the moron sociopaths need food and water,But! they are so expendable that you don't have to worry about maintaining them for very long. Why spend the money on sophisticated technology that could be damaged by the few "uncooperative" creatures, when you can send in thousands of dixie-cup disposable human critters to capture or kill your prey? I think that the idea of TPTB wanting a creation or gadget to endlessly pursue and kill is redundant. They already have it. What we're reading about here are toys. But it's really a cool toy. So useful for the current paradigm of "helping police diffuse bombs" or "helping soldiers kill terrorists". However, when TSHTF, they will have at their disposal a seemingly never ending supply of fresh morons to do the dirty work. And the morons will do it gleefully.