Saturday, November 15, 2008

Russia : Pump up the volume

Angry rebuttal from dribbling goons

Another moron chimes in and partially makes sense

Creepy crowd of critters craw about crisis over "missile shield" deployment plans in Europe.

Prophetic warnings about Russian countermove were ignored

'Kwans. Like people except with all the brains removed.


Anonymous said...

this bloke is starting to scare me

Anonymous said...

"Quite frankly I am not clear what the missiles would be for in Kaliningrad. After all the only real emerging threat on Russia's periphery is Iran and I don't think the Iskander missile has the range to get there from Kaliningrad," he said.

Funny that -- if those missles couldn't reach Kaliningrad, why is the US putting a missile defence shield right next door in Poland.