Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ron Paul Exposes The "Grassroots" Barack Obama

What it gets, it deserves. You better believe it.

Stray far from God's yoke and the beast called man discovers that Satan goes about like a roaring lion, seeing who he can feast upon. Men will know they are sheep and Jesus Christ was a very light yoke compared to what they get when they have forsaken him for fables and doctrines of devils.

You just wouldn't believe what is waiting out beyond the soft lights and gentle ideology of Christianity. Most modern people simply cannot imagine, having never known anything else. They took it all for granted as a starting point when in fact it was the end of things.

Marxists wreck nations and planets in record time when they take power


CadorBolin said...

My prediction: no changes in regards to neocon policies because it will be easier for a "D"emocrat to get the Euro social democrats on board to go along with them.

The same hypocritical internationalists who denounced Bush's imperialism were the same ones who were frothing at the mouth to bomb Serbia to the stone age when Clinton the figure head.

The question is: will the white kwans who were the useful idiots for neocon policy when Bush was in charge will feel the same way with Obama?

CadorBolin said...

I find this blog post rather amusing:

This was a very bad thing that Prop. 9 passed. And from the exit polling data I read alst night via Andrew Sullivan, it looks like African Americans were instrumental in passing Prop. 8 with 70% saying they voted for it. When is someone going to address the bigotry in the black community towards gay people? Gay people need to openly point the finger and say it's not okay to be bigots just because you are black and have suffered yourself! Please talk about Prop. 8 very few blogs are.

I'm glad Obama won, but how come it's expected of me to rise above the anti-black bigotry I was raised with, and go vote for a black man, but then black people can go vote to enshrine bigotry into law and no one challenges that?

BWAHAHAHAHA. Having a 'person of color' on the ticket guaranteed to turn out the very brown people who are less 'sophisticated' when it comes to the gay thing. The irony here is that only 49% of whites voted AGAINST, so it was the Black and Mexican vote that guaranteed it's passage.

Hoisted by their own petard. Sharia Law here we come.


andyboots37 said...

Well put.

-Because they rejected the truth for lie, God will send a strong delusion upon them.

Could he be Mabus? The lawless one? The son of perdition that goes into destruction?

With Oprah gazing in adoration, Jesse Jackson brought to tears and Farrakhan blatantly calling him the messiah, you'd seriously have to wonder.

Andy boots

Justin Patrick said...

The Westboro Church is something I would not support. I think they try to fit the image the liberals and anti-Christians have of Christianity and try to be generally strawmen; they are the real life equivalent of Internet trolls.

Anonymous said...

The great orator already gathers the vermin unto his clique, sorry no positive shift in policy will be forthcoming. It will take more than the manouverings of its mandibles to sell this coming cull, o'bomber will need media tapeworms like this fine fellow-