Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Race of Corpse Robbing Ghouls

The white race has become so pathetic and wretched that not only does it fail to reproduce itself, even it's attempts to do so must be cobbled together from a patchwork of multiracial Frankensteins with the help of illegal medical technology. They are groomed to self-destruct on their own science and perverse ideologies. This baby put together from spare parts will never know it's true parents and be raised by a mother who was unable to even form a relationship with it's father.


zwick said...

Oh my Lord. I believe what I just read, but at the same time I can't. I read somewhere that we were 40% of the worlds population in 1908. The White Suicide Pill of WW1 and WW2 destroyed us, I guess. But the race survived the Black Death and all the foolish religious wars that came after,with tremendous birth rates. Was it feminism and the birth control pill that did it? What will become of us? I cannot,with any certainty, say that we will be a footnote in history when no one will be able to write, anything. Maybe a grunt about a long ago GoldenAge.

Alex said...

Thanks for posting this Tex. A civilisation that permits this doesn't deserve to survive.