Saturday, November 22, 2008

Peter Schiff Makes Too Much Sense To Be On The Televitzing Device

Listen to Schiff attempt to reason with televitz pinheads back in 2006. He might as well be speaking to a lampshade or a brick wall.


Alex S said...

So financial 'advisers' know as much about finance as psychiatrists know about mental health, big news. At about 52 secs in that last vid the fat negro expert says how the "ecoMony" is strong. Exact same way that President Camacho pronounces "economy". Now we have a negro in charge of the world's biggest ecoMony. Terrific.

zwick said...

That is amusing. The "experts" have their $2000 suits, Rado or Rolex watches, $150 haircuts, and look real professional. That's great...too bad they were dead wrong. At least they looked good talking like morons. I think these people start out in life stupid,but clever and greedy. They go to college and come out even more ignorant, but-but-but-now they can talk the talk. They are in the 'loop' so to speak, so they can use all the trendy catch phrases in corpspeak.

Anonymous said...

That's interesting. Is it normal in the U.S. to have a piece of news that's two-layered, with one layer for the herd and one for the rest? And is the non-herd layer there to inform non-herd people or to misinform/distract them?

CadorBolin said...

Here is my dream US administration:

President: Ron Paul
Secretary of the Treasury: Peter Schiff
Ambassador to the UN: Pat Buchanan (just to piss off the neocons and the internationalists at the same time)