Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Obamination Cascade Scenario 2009

Three flashpoints? More like a thousand.

There are far more than three wars against civilian populations going on right now by the forces of the 'Kwanstain.

Say again what you expected from Obama's office, Rube? "Peace?" You gotta be kidding me.

Army recruiters taking the easy way out in advance

We have about 500 years of observation of "leadership" amongst blacks of any flavor. Needless to say, "peace" has never been the outcome. If black people knew how to create peace and security they'd have at least one nation in history to show in which they have achieved it. Sadly, no such example is found in all of recorded history. Obama will be defying gravity and history if his regime is anything but apocalyptic.

Wikipedia, the official encyclopedia of Bolshevists, initiating another censorship blank-out

Rahm is a Nazi with a Yamulka, a gangster and the best real President that AIPAC could elect

Who do you think is going to be running the United States? Mumbling Barack or sociopath Rahm? I doubt if Obama will so much as interrupt Emanuel when he is speaking. Barack's only job will be as a puppet to read off a teleprompter in the White House press room.

A state for the Jews would be a great idea. Now show me where these Jews are you keep talking about. There are none unless you count Sephardic Cohens.

You think a bubble has burst? This is nothing. This is the prologue.

Amerikwa is revealed to be a hollow stagefront with nothing behind it

Free markets means letting lousy businesses go bust. It's called creative destruction and the funny thing is that it was all the bolshevists in the U.S. talked about until it was their own lousy businesses going under. Then, all of a sudden, they went 100% bolshevist on us.

Markets voted with their feet on Obama

Banks quietly collapsing across the United States

Obi Wan has no idea how to deal with this kind of heat that is coming We might as well have elected Oprah for all the good it will do that doomed nation.

Brackhead the Crackhead will make the wrong decisions on everything needed to usher in the Apocalypse. Count on him to do the exact opposite on everything that good sense would dictate to a man who had any.

No kidding, the best location in the 'Kwa is outside it. It's going to get very unpleasant.

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