Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama's Election Speech

I am just posting this to refute any claims Barack makes during his speech about my fixing the dust storms, crops and curing acne and car sickness. I'll do my best but I can't promise anything.


zwick said...

I gotta see this movie someday. From what I gather from the film clips, the white guy is thrust into the future to a world of idiots. But, aren't we there now? Mark Twain said something to the effect of "Either the world is run by imbeciles or by very smart people who are putting us on".

Anonymous said...

hey Tex, do you know what's up with ragnarok?

Has he removed his blog or did it?

You should consider making an archive of your posts and making them available at a place that is not controlled by someone's policy what may or may not be said.


Anonymous said...

Check out the comment section of "the Emperor of Ice Cream" article.

Mike M.

Anonymous said...

For people who aren't aware, if you type "" into the internet archive(, you can still see a good deal of the older 2004ish vault-co posts. Hey Tex, what was the url you used before
Maybe a good deal of them are archived.