Thursday, November 13, 2008

Miracle Save Of The Day/Hour/Minute/Microsecond

Watching these idiots screech every time the market bolsters some phony recovery is amusing because you know it's hope for the doomed. Every other day they shriek the worst is over and it's back to business. It's sad and demented. The Dow is headed for 4000 in late 2009 and nothing is going to stop it.

There is no business left in the 'Kwa. There is no money. There is no credit and won't be for about 20+ years. There is no human capital. There is no intact nation or culture upon which to rebuild an economy. There is no anything of any kind. It is the ravings of the damned. These people are strapped to a rocket sled headed for a brick wall and they are looking for the good news in today's paper. For them, nothing will ever be good news again.

The manboons and chimpmanzees of the 'Kwa are not capable of living in a high tech industrial civilization. They don't have the requisite brains or wisdom to maintain it. They are just now beginning to figure out that they have only been living in the ashes of the world their ancestors built for the past forty years. They are not competent to build such a world themselves, being qualified only as destroyers.

Sometimes individuals can change their lives. Nations and societies don't. They read the sad lines written for them upon the script of their destiny and play out the inevitable tragedy to which they have been assigned. Hope is for individuals but the group never has any hope but the release of death and the lonely embrace of hell.


Justin Patrick said...

Check out this guy getting laughed at by the hip people when he was predicting all this:

But even this guy might be a little slow, because I think Ron Paul was talking about this back in 2003.

Ice Cream Soldier said...

Sadly this is true of OZ as well as the "Kwan". But it is, none-the-less true.

m said...

Now tell me how you really feel!

Justin Patrick said...