Saturday, November 1, 2008

Lunatics In Charge of the Asylum

Sociopaths won't give up global warming.

That was their biggest card in the deck and if they can't play it they will have to get ugly.

If global warmthinkery collapses (and it obviously is nearly there) the fruits who run this planet will have to come up with something like a fake alien invasion in order to bring the boot down.

They want global government so badly. Yet even at this early juncture you can see how utterly incompetent they are to govern anything. No wonder they want to go global with their crappy ideas, they've already failed everywhere else.


Anonymous said...

Global government will never happen. Too many conflicting interests amongst the elite. I predict the global warming will go the way of acid rain. However, a bit more consideration for the enviroment wouldn't hurt. What do you think, Tex?

Texas Arcane said...

The best way to improve the environment is not introduce sweeping centralized government programs, because government itself is one of the biggest polluters of our local environment and they are the ones who grant royal exemptions to businesses to defy private property laws and pollute the environment without consequence.

The best way to keep things improving (and they are) is to keep suing companies one at a time until they are either destroyed or clean up their act. It's been working for fifty years and has improved the Western world's environment enormously.

Every time you discover someone left who makes a mess without having to clean it up, you will the government themselves behind it. More class action suits and reform to make people pay for their crimes against others. It does work and anywhere there has been a win things have gotten better. If government got out of the middle a lot of companies would scramble to comply.