Saturday, November 1, 2008

It is the Destiny of the Grasshoppers to Die When Winter Comes

During the interglacial Mother Nature permits great profligacy with fewer corresponding controls on genetic quality. All kinds of human proliferate, increasingly crazier and more wild-eyed, indulging in ever-more-manic consensuses of lunacy and madness, their number swelling until they are a glutted mass than swells like a wave of locusts.

It is in this peak that the religion of global warming was born.

That peak is over now. We're coming back into the time of the ants. The locust husk will rot in the fields in a blanket of snow when the long winter returns again.

You cannot be that crazy to survive at 60 degrees below. The laws of physics won't permit it. If you cannot focus on the real world you will die.

Even now, amongst a widening band of reform, even those still sane enough to concede we may be in fact entering a period of cooling continue to deal in the only paradigm they have ever known in the absence of an ability to reason independently. They want to know what the government is going to do about it. This is why they are absolutely doomed to extinction. The strain of genetic fibre that produces a mind that thinks that way will not be able to adjust accordingly to a world in which the bell tolls for them personally, not the group. The herd animal is not appropriately designed to survive an Ice Age. It can't by it's very nature.

This attrition will be anecdotal at first. You will hear about one city snowed in which lost several hundred people for lack of heating oil. Then the following year you might hear about another couple of thousand who perished because they were cut off from the food distribution system. After that you will start looking at millions at a time and their biggest atrophy will often be cannibalism in landlocked snowstorms that cover entire metropolitan areas. The marxist by his very nature can turn to no other coping mechanism other than eating his neighbors when cut off from the teat of the State. He has never known any other way of thinking about the world.

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