Sunday, November 30, 2008

Illegitimate Kenyan Marxist Radical Serving CFR Will Now Have Finger ON The Button

Oh my itz coming, Vault Dwellers. Soon itz.

Notice how they have gone back twenty years and because of the unbelievable strife and emerging threats, the President will now carry authorization at all times.


Alex Supertramp said...

Kruschev put nuclear weapons 90 miles from the mainland USA a year after meeting JFK and concluding he was weak. My bet is that a lot of world leaders and nutjob radicals think the same of President Elect Camacho. Putin isn't exactly quaking in his boots. I wonder if the Israelis will make a pre-emptive nuclear strike on Iran before the inauguration? Then Camacho gets to claim it happened on GWB's watch and doesn't look quite as ineffectual. I think it's even money. Maybe Camacho will send Krazy Joe Biden on a fact finding mission to Teheran on the day the israeli's go in. Then Hillary can be sworn in as Vice Pres right from the start.

Anonymous said...

Alex, you think anyone thinks it's Obama pulling the strings there? Oh, maybe they do. What do I know.

Anonymous said...

What Kruschev saw (thanks to his spies) and began to saw was the U.S. government paralyzed by internal struggle during that time. That struggle ended a little when Kennedy was shot, and psychopath demon Johnson successfully inaugurated by the Zionist Jews.