Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ice Age II : Globowarmthinkery Is FRAUD

Hillaire Belloc said that once a man no longer believes in God, he'll believe in anything. Truer words were never spoken. Secular humanists are useful idiots who worship the State. As plain as your own six senses will tell you.

Something nearby is emitting powerful cosmic radiation and it's getting through the magnetic shield.

Not time to lock the hatch yet and weld it shut from the inside. Soon enough.

Globo-warmthinkery is a kult. Kults calls heretics "deniers." It's a spooky word and makes druidism look tame by comparison.

Notice in the comments one of the posters mentions that if globowarmthink is a fraud it's a sign of a monstrous conspiracy of the press, the government and the academics. No sign of the unconscious irony in the statement. Acts as if that is impossible, ergo with a double negative it proves globo-warmthinkery is credible.

The man was called Antonio Gramsci. Read up on him and his ideas for world conquest through fake environmental crises.


zwick said...

As tex has pointed out over the years we have many converging crisis'. But with all the 'in your face' disasters we face (I don't have to repeat them, do i? no) the one that perplexes me most is the brown dwarf companion star that is re-entering our solar system rather quickly and we are noting it's affects today. The gravity wave proceeding this thing is driving our solar system into chaos. This has happened before in human history and it's happening now. Some will survive. Not many. I never believed in "planet x" or any of that sort. However, due to the behavior of the PTB, I believe that something big is coming from the southern hemisphere. The fireballs seen everywhere, cosmic radiation, lack of sun spots, heating of the other planets, the frantic underground digging of the countries that can, the launching of a flurry of satellites to observe IR spectrum, the looting of the treasuries of nations with wanton abandon, as if there were no tomorrow, is evidence to me that itz coming alright. But not what I thought a few years ago. This will make WW3 look like a firecracker.

Anonymous said...

Tex has suggested on the old site more than once that it might be that the root of all the insanity were seeing now could be found in the cosmos somehow. Also that magnetic changes and solar flares sync to wars and stuff in the past of our planet. Possible that changes in fields are reflected in peoples brains. Not really that far out if you think of it a spell.

CadorBolin said...

Eonomic SHTF in China:,2933,457985,00.html

"It started as a pay dispute at a southern Chinese toy factory. But it quickly turned into a riot as laid-off workers tapped into a network of friends and unemployed laborers who flipped over a police car, stormed into the plant and smashed office computers."

(when your economic model is based on Amerikwans buying your cheap plastic crap, then it's not really much of a superpower)

Anonymous said...

Hey zwick, got any links?

Anonymous said...

Ah, ain't nothing like a parade of cultural enrichers looking for cheap deals at Wal-Mart: