Saturday, November 22, 2008

How We Came To This

They killed this guy three months after I was born.

Everything started to go downhill then and it has continued unraveling at greater and greater speed towards the finale every day of my life.


m said...

That's a joke, right? Kennedy was very much part of the system you rail against.

Anonymous said...

You're a joke, m. If you are a man of action (like Tex pretends to be), you have to work with serpents if you want to change things, and that's dangerous work. Any President who tries to accomplish something good in the U.S. or anywhere else will be eaten by serpents if he doesn't have a whole network of good but ruthless men behind him. The only reason Putin is still alive is that he does, and it's why Hitler created the SS in addition to belonging to a political party that could have functioned just as well without him. The moment you become necessary as well as annoying, someone will try to kill you. Often enough they will try to kill you anyway.