Friday, November 7, 2008

Houseboy Gets His Marching Orders

First pick, chief of staff. Whoodathunkit?

Surprise! Guess who is behind the Barack Obama curtain?

Dance fo' me, boyah! Lawd dose people sho got dee rhythm!

Olly olly oxen free! Now everyone gets to see all the people who funded his "grassroots" campaign of HOPE/CHANGE/WHATEVER. Who can blame them? You can fool all of the cattle all of the time and some of the cattle all of the time, too. Like taking candy from a baby, itz!
McCain was the designated loser from the start.

Am I the only guy who knows how bad this is going to turn out? I can't believe after years of reading Vault-Co, many of you can't get a glimpse for yourselves of what is coming.


Seriously, get an earful now, because I'm not going to talk much longer about Barack Obama at all in the future. I've got more important fish to fry. This blog is going to focus on solutions, we've given warnings long enough and we are going to concentrate on civil defense in the 21st century to the exclusion of everything else soon.


Doug said...

Tex, you have been 'five by five' for 4 years, thanks for your time and help.

Anonymous said...

Institutionalized corruption gets a fresh coat of paint.

Boomer for the Future said...

Rahm Emanuel = Psycho.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you often say pack your rice, but doesn't rice go bad pretty quick? How do you store it long term?

Texas Arcane said...

Nothing lasts longer than rice.

Keep it dry, cool and out of sunlight.

I am putting out an E-Book pretty soon on food storage.