Sunday, November 2, 2008

Global Nuclear War Planned For Near Future

This is what we have been saying for a long time.

To save face, the U.S. will start the third world war to draw attention away from it's economic collapse in the hopes of jumpstarting industry with a wartime economy.

It doesn't matter who is elected. If the President had any real power they would not permit people to vote for him.

Odd rumblings and portents all about, the thunderheads of a distant storm approaching


Anonymous said...

I had a vision last night. The year was 2013, and there was name Putin and picture of a red star dominating in what I saw.

It was obvious in the vision that the nuclear was was over, and there was everywhere feeling of peace and hope. You could just feel around you that there was no threat of any kind left. Something like that must have existed after world war II, with survivors knowing that the hell is behind them. Only here it was much stronger.


Alex said...

If Israel decides to hit Iran it couldn't just be a little surgical strike. It would need to pulverise the Iranian conventional military at the same time. It would also probably need to take out some other Arab powers - e.g. Egypt, Syria and maybe even the Saudis. Let's see Obama fly in to sort that out.

jolabent27 said...

An interesting fiction book on nuclear war and the survival tactics of a family and a village in the South of England is: 'The Years of the Copper Sun' by John Bentley, found in the Lulu publisher's list under 'literature and fiction' keywords: nuclear war, survival. It is in hardcover with a much cheaper download version. I think is the webpage.

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