Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Check out the Fox news anchor - she has no idea of what she is discussing with this guy and manages to turn it into a lament that "retail may be hurt." Gerald, who has way too much brains to be on Fox News, was a great sport and plays along, steering the talk into a lively conversation about the merits of homemade gifts. Probably ten seconds into the interview he realized there was no way you could penetrate the bulletproof skulls of 'Kwanzanians so he decided to spoof it. Anything else it is likely they would have killed this segment anyhow. I liked the dig he took at Obama highlighting his utter uselessness at this critical juncture in the nation's history. Literally, the worst possible person at the worst possible time. Honestly, does anybody really think a gay crackhead with a train wreck for a life can wave a magic marxist wand and fix anything at all?

The best thing to take away from it is the point that soon, the best gift you will be able to give at Christmas is something to eat.

Think about what is being said there. Compare that with what we have this week. Think about what has to happen for that prediction to come true.

For those of you who do not believe in the NWO, do you really think what is happening now is an accident? Still believe that?


CadorBolin said...

This type of tyranny will get worse in the years to come:

Perhaps it wasn't government-sanctioned, but the effects are just the same. Eventually, there will be enough votes to make it so anyway.

I imagine that the old USSR had a far more healthy society than today's Kwa.

Anonymous said...

I've never lived in America. Is that really from Fox News? I know it has a bad reputation, but judging from that, it seems more like an intentional joke by the elites. A pretty funny joke, too.

trueaim said...

Yes, just think Cuba under Fidel Castro.

And the good news is more home baked cookies.

Justin Patrick said...

Anonymous said...

Hello Tex, what would you recommend a young man who's stuck in the UK for another 18 months do?

Texas Arcane said...


(Best Amityville Horror Voice)