Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fukiyama's "End of History"

Everyone is our pal in the globalist utopia of globalistic globalism with it's multiculturalized globalistic paradise.

Another big pal right here being a pal in our unified globalist kingdom of globalism.

Is it time for my bowl of rainbow stew yet, wankers? I've got my ladle ready and I'm standing in line. It's all good.

Oh, it's the end of history, alright. For the 'Kwa. Industry destroyed, culture destroyed, demographics destroyed, religion destroyed, economy destroyed, nation destroyed. Anything we missed? That's right, just physically destroy the country now that it's on it's knees. Paulson topped off his kinsmen before they bring the smack down so no swindler leaves broke.

Shoveling that NWO crap here for global currency (scum) Commies already celebrating victory. John Birch was right. Others were either silent or wrong. There are no exceptions.

Why go to church when it's a synagogue?

Spam making a serious comeback (Shelf Life INDEFINITE shudder)

America's forest reserves turned into massive dope growing fields by Mexicans

It's all unraveling even more rapidly than we predicted here at Vault-Co.

Wait until the new Ice Age arrives in force next year. It's going to be epic.

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