Sunday, November 30, 2008

Formerly Hardcore Fanatical Globowarmther Crackpots Begin Defecting In Large Numbers

Here's what you will hear in the next couple of years:

"I was actually amongst those early on who began to suspect a rat. My plan from the beginning was to infiltrate the upper echelons by pretending to believe in that crap, biding my time until I could unmask the hoax to the whole world."

The same people who were using global warming as a tool to dominate others last week will be using the same topic next week to debunk their former position and thereby claim to be in possession of the truth now.

All these people are charlatans, fakes and bullsh*t artists who change their story from one hour to the next depending on a survey of wherever public opinion seems to be headed. Nietszche called them the "Flies of the Marketplace." They try to guess what pile of manure the public will flock to next and rush to be the first to stick their noses in so they can assert they were actually the leaders in the new movement.

The common man is innately incapable of discerning the truth for himself on any subject and will live and die without ever really understanding anything at all. That's the way the universe is fashioned.

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