Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Emperor Of Ice Cream

Hailstorm City swamped in 6 foot drifts

Britain expecting Antarctic Weather

Nothing like a good old snowfall in October

Switzerland shut down by early ice storm

London tastes the new Ice Age

Tibet snowed in before end of October

The terrible legacy of globo-warmthinkery

A fantastic moment to choose to shut down the coal industry. Obama is the Apocalypse Juice machine. I voted for him six times last night alone with absentee ballots. Gosh does catamite central need a leader like this at a time like this. The quickest route to the bottom on greased rails. I love him, this brother is the Armageddon shizzle! Win one for the Vault team, Barky! Nothing but air! This dude is the Magic Johnson of the tactical airburst.


CadorBolin said...

Crazy Vault-Co voting for Obama... heh.

Monstertruckie said...

Texas Arcane said...
If you actually vote for anybody tomorrow who is not named Ron Paul or Alan Keyes, you are definitely throwing away your vote.
Obama is the Apocalypse Juice machine. I voted for him six times last night alone with absentee ballots.

I'm going to crawl along on my stomach through the airconditioning vents into your workplace after hours and wire up 240 volts to your office urinal, so that tomorrow, you get burnt to a lump of charcoal mid-sentence whilst yacking away to the boys about last nights' Grey's Anatomy. Picture that.

Anonymous said...



Doug said... we go kids, hang on.

Anonymous said...

I wonder, when the winters start occupying the majority of the year, will globowarmthinkers admit their fault, or will they ditch their hybrids and buy more SUV's to try to 'warm things back up'? Hell, maybe hairspray will make a comeback. Aerosol, anyone?

(A Thousand Good Intentions)

Anonymous said...


Rzero is gone. He took his blog down, sounds like he burned out. Just thought you should know.

Mike M.

Texas Arcane said...

Of course I didn't really vote for Crackhead'OnYoMama.

Dire times like this require strong absurdity.

Anonymous said...

My best friend since 6th Grade's 40th Birthday is coming up.

He's not a "Prepper" by any means and would not understand VALT-CO or Survival

So I have to think for him.

Instead of Cocaine and naked hookers in Vegas, he will get a Wiggy's sleeping bag and a Ruger MK III .22 Pistol on his birthday.

He won't understand half of what's to come but at least I will rest easy knowing he will have some gear he'd not normally buy for himself.

Lord Help us all...