Monday, November 17, 2008

Earthquake Swarms

Right about the time the solar wind hit all-time lows in the X-Ray spectrum, apparently a massive swarm of microquakes has started up and down the West Coast. A little bird who works for a seismic monitoring company in the private sector told me that these things are not certainties, but according to many indicators used nowadays to predict such things, there is a massive quake being forecast behind closed doors for the San Andreas fault. Would truly cap off the Obamination if his term opens with the destruction of California.

Not that anybody would miss it.


Lang said...

I would miss it, considering I live in rural NorCal. There are many conservative, God-fearing, Bible believing folks here trying to live their lives according to the Law, and we'd like to separate from the main state. We represent almost the entire rural, non-coastal area of California. Not all of Kalifornia or the Kwa are lost.

Anonymous said...

Not to stir the pot too much, but didn't the FEMA website once reference disasters in New York then New Orleans and then San Fransisco?

It might explain the recent earthquake drills in Calinfornia.

Anonymous said...

The recent earthquake drills in California were for one thing only, to try to get the people of Ca. to prepare for emergencies. This is usually a feel good exersize, as most people don't care and will willingly stand in lines for whatever relief is given to them.
I live in a mountain community of So. Cal. and I agree with what Lang stated, but there is not enough of us to affect real change.
I live my life, raise my family, prepare for the worse and hope for the best.
Sometimes I do feel like a pilgrim in a heathen land.

Mike M.