Saturday, November 8, 2008

Crumbling 'Kwanistan Evident Everywhere

Russia is moving into Latin America in a big way, in what would have previously been considered a direct provocation.

All that the broke, destitute, hopeless castrated Kwanzanians can do is leap around, spit and shriek ineffectually as their nation is effectively cordoned off like a quarantine zone.

Cuba is in serious planning for missile and air bases hosting the Russians. Mexico is welcoming them into their unstable country as a possible economic saviour. Venezuela and soon Brazil will be tilting their resource industry completely into Russian hands.

Anthills of equal strength do not go to war. It's a balance of power. The danger is at the utmost when there is no longer parity - this is precisely the moment when ants and men declare war.

NUCLEAR WEAPONS will soon be the 'Kwa's only option in any crisis. They will be cobalt tipped weapons.

Will we see the cobalt death shroud that Vault-Co has spoken of for a decade? You answer that question for yourself.

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trueaim said...

The Russkies had their eyes on Iceland all through the Cold War, now they will have that strategic Island in the cookie jar too, as the Icelanders just got toxic currency burn from 'Kwanistan, and the Russkies came to the financial rescue faster than you could say 'perestoika'!