Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Check out the NWO agitprop about piracy

They're just plain powerless to do anything about it, you see.

This piracy phenomenon has been growing unchecked for a decade and Vault-Co has been reporting on it the entire time while the mainstream media ignored it.

All of a sudden, it's front page.

Oh, wait, let my tiny brain work on this. I'm supposed to conclude this points out a clear need for a supranational body to police the oceans. That's the only solution, you see.

Our ancestors for the past 300 years just killed these dudes and threw them overboard. No more pirates. Somehow they managed to make piracy such a dangerous profession that it all but dried up for a few decades altogether.

They're powerless, you see. Until you encourage them to form a world government to deal with the problem.

See how they play the miniscule little brains of the sheeple? Like blowing on a wind chime. All it takes is a little thrust of energy to push them all clanging in the right direction. So easy to guide the manboons to do whatever you want. All you need is media and shutout the opposition. They always think it was their idea, poor little sheeple.


CadorBolin said...

I think it is basically incompetence that has allowed piracy to grow. Honestly, I am cheering for these Somalians in this case. I wish they'd capture a yacht filled with CFR types and have their way with them.

So now they're calling for another layer of bureaucracy that will hold cocktail parties and discussion roundtables on how to best deal with this issue in a non-imperialistic and "internationally consensual" manner or whatever.

I have a simple solution: blow these "pirates" out of the water. Notice how when there was a proposal to arm airline pilots as a means to stop terrorism that the idea was immediately pooh-poohed and never discussed again? Instead, airline passengers have to take off their shoes, get an eyescan, making travel a pain in the arse.

Anonymous said...

Piracy has always thrived in lawless areas like Somalia and has never ever really disappeared from the face of the sea. The taskgroup sailing near Somalia is also the exact same thing that governments have done for centuries to combat the threat. Just look at the Barbary wars. Nothing new under the sun and defenitely not a sign of the NWO rising.

Justin Patrick said...

Leave it up to the up and coming civilizations to take care of this problem:

Anonymous said...

The ships being targeted are not allowed to carry firearms to protect themselves

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you don't mention the EU a lot more. They are the scariest thing going these days but people act like it's some kind of trade union. In reality, every member nation is nothing more than a state in a largely german controlled government. They've taken more territory after WWII than they had during it, and they've stomped the living piss out of any sort of rights to free speech or religion.

Solsys said...

Anonymous 12:43

Like they say overseas : yeah, right.

Solsys, from France, shaking his head while laughing.

CadorBolin said...

anon @ 12:43:
Vault-Co talks about the EU quite often.

The EU is hardly German-controlled--they get outvoted by the UK-French coalition anyway. Even if they were in charge of so much territory--these "Germans" are anything but like those who ran Germany from 1933-1945, they're shabbas goys who are puppets of the jews. There is NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH (ie: questioning of the Holocaust) because they're run by jews.

Such talk about "Creeping Fascism" or a German-controlled world government (alluding to "Nazis") is cowardly and timid talk by Alex Jones types who mention nary a peep about the Jews who are really running things (indirectly, by proxy).

When Ahnult ran for governator, Alex Jones put out all sorts of weird articles about his alleged fascist leanings which caused me to take everything he says with a grain of salt from then onwards. Mr. S is hardly a fascist--he's for homo marriage and open borders.

The word "Nazis" is used by anti-NWO types today because they are a safe (jew-approved target) in a desperate attempt to get attention to their cause. They're even trying to smear Obama with the "Fascist" moniker--a totally ridiculous association considering he's black. Obama is a black Marxist who is a puppet of the jews. The brown people of the Islamic world are in for a rude awakening when he starts to implement an even more aggressive neocon policy (think of 'only Nixon could go to China').

Mossad puts out an Al Qaida video:

... this tactic is designed to get the black political base of Obama onboard for neocon policy.

Justin Patrick said...

Anonymous said...

Anon, the EU is German controlled? Ah hah hah hah! If only. Unfortunately the Germans can't even control their own nation.