Friday, November 21, 2008

Belgium Falls To Diversity Death Kult

Here's what he was trying to police before he went to prison

Kiss Belgium goodbye. What Islam failed to do for 2000 years the European Union has done in just under a decade.

Now watch the rest fall like dominos. Once installed in a safehouse nation like Belgium, invaders can spread out in waves in support of their fellow victims (murderers, rapists, thieves) all over Europe.

HYAR BE DRAGONES. Whitey crawls under the bed and begins to suck his thumb. All he can do is wait to die. How's that secular humanism working out for you under the bed, there, pinky? Still think that was a brilliant move?

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zwick said...

What a crying shame. Literally. Charles (The Hammer) Martel must be spinning in his tomb. All those brave men died to save Europe from the black muslims and for what now? Yeah-Yeah, I Know it was a long time ago, but there isn't any weeping and wailing about them. Just namby-pamby do-gooders helping the poor ignorant populations of Belgium, England, France, Italy,etcetera accept these filthy scumbags into society. These animals are so different from us, they might as well be from Mars. Gee, that sounds like my neighborhood of a generous mix of Peruvians, Puerto-Ricans, Pakistanis, red dot Indians,and (of course) Africans. When I look at my 'hood, I want to send a letter to Putin...Please Sir, Please nuke us now. Just end this bullshit.