Monday, November 3, 2008

Are These Critters Americans?

I think not, sir. I think not. They are present, in the same way pigeons nest in the eaves of your roof. The pigeons are present but that does not make them homeowners.

The problem with these people is not their physical appearance, it is that they do not resemble Americans in character, spirit, intelligence, outlook, viewpoint or conduct. The Founding Fathers would have no trouble deporting all of the people who think this way inside of a few months to foreign shores. The Founding Fathers would not have a problem with Alan Keyes or similar people the moment they heard them speak, in fact they might appreciate that such men make valuable allies to support the American ideals.

These folks somehow managed to get in and get to vote. They're not really Americans at all. They just don't meet the watermark. They are strongly unsuited for America as a nation and are essentially the living contradiction of The Constitution and the Bill of Rights and the other original documents that describe the national character.

Do you understand now why I predict riots whether Obama wins or loses? Similar sentiments have been heard in elections in Africa, Haiti, America and Canada in the past and are immediately followed by riots the week after the elections when the people who won suddenly realize the clouds are not going to open up and rain down gold coins. I am familiar with anecdotes from people in Haiti who immediately looted and burned their cities to the ground when they won. "We are demockrassy now! Everything is free! No more private property!" The week following the demagogue they had voted for put his secret police together with lists of all the useful idiots he wanted taken away from their homes in the middle of the night.

This election will be no different. Trust me. I got good instincts about these things.


Justin Patrick said...

Excellent post. That's all I need to say.

CadorBolin said...

Steve Sailer has an interesting post-mortem about the election campaign:

Sailer talks a little bit more frankly about race compared to most pundits but doesn't bring up the jewish-controlled media.

The kwa is too far gone now. To quote someone from Usenet many years ago, we crossed the river Styx 10 years ago when the Cigar Man wasn't impeached and removed from office.

With an electorate like the one shown on the video, it is now going the way of South Africa/Zimbabwe.

A multiculti "paradise" like New York City can only survive on high energy inputs and manna from heaven. Imagine the rest of the kwa looking like Detroit during the economic s**t hitting the fan that is going to really take effect in 2009.

Itz probably best that a black Democrat be in charge during the coming manure storm. The Great Depression kept conservative Republicans out of office for a generation and a half.

Anonymous said...

A few years ago I thought you were crazy. Then I though you were a bit nutty. Nutty gave way to strange, strange to misunderstood, misunderstood to eccentric, and now finally to oracle.

I'm packing my rice finally, in mylar bags with oxy absorbers.

Alex S said...

These good citizens can't even work out that to stop the rain coming through the roof of your FEMA trailer you can like - put a tarp on the roof, or find the leak and seal it with a $2 tube of sealant from the store, or find a new place to live after 3 years: