Saturday, October 4, 2008

World At Brink of Abyss

Notice how the same people directly linked to the crisis itself, like Barney Frank, will also be handling the resulting chaos? Paulson, from Goldman Sachs? It's like your rapist turning up for your rape counseling session.

Stocks plunge after communist takeover of Amerikwa succeeds

Notice also how nobody in government gives a damn about what the people wanted? They just ran around them and enforced their policies anyway. So much for "demockrassy" and other forms of magical thinking. You can forget about voting your way out of this mess, kids.

Being fair, the Kwa had their shot at Ron Paul and Alan Keyes so it's not like God didn't give them a chance to escape their horrific fate. They rejected God's wisdom and instead put men and the State highest in their esteem. The only way to avoid falling into these traps and snares is to put all your faith in the word of God first, second and third.

The State will always be the god that failed. Mankind never learns anything from history. The State is no better than the sociopaths and psychopaths who are drawn to it and the power it represents over others.

Will the Chinese inherit the Earth?


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Vault-Co is becoming a parody of itself. Do the Chinese believe in God?

On another note, will the Chinese become our new God?

Also, I bet this won't survive the censor.

Texas Arcane said...

You Codexers need to believe you get censored because of the brilliance of your biting commentary, but you're just about the only people to ever get censored on here. I have censored codexan comments for the same reason I have deleted comments advertising penis enlargement pills and allergenic pillows.

This blog has been around a lot, lot longer than the Codex and it's not an exaggeration to say our dumbest visitors are on average about ten times brighter than anybody at the Codex. The truth is that most of you guys are way out of your intellectual depth when you come dabble over here and fumble your way reading a couple of posts with your lips moving. Go back to discussing how HAWT this or that TV celebrity is at the Codex and don't waste your time cming over here. It may be public access but that doesn't mean everybody is invited.

Anonymous said...

What's the Codex?

Texas Arcane said...

It's a bunch of idiots who found the link to this blog.

Alex S said...

Social Darwinism is derided as lunatic fringe sociology but for my money it's tautological. The Chinese will dominate economically, then politically and then culturally. Twenty years from now Hollywood movies will be seen at funky litle arts festivals attended by half a dozen pederasts. I had to go to China a few years back for work and I can tell you that the Chinese do not like round eyes, they can barely tolerate each other. But they see the rest of us as sub-human. In any hotel or business that doesn't exist exclusively for a Western clientele they will look at you like you stepped in dog shit. The local cops will not lift a finger to help you. A member of our group got their passport stolen at a cafe and the cops locked her up for the night, then basically told her she was a drunken liar. If we get in between the Chinese and what they want they will have no hesitation in squashing us like bugs, because that's what they see us as. If you think this is a racist rant, go spend some time in China away from the Western hotels. For that matter, just go into the middle of any Australian city and spend some time watching how Chinese behave when they think nobody is watching, it's an education.

andyboots37 said...

Amen on the Word of God and putting your trust in it first, second and third.

Andy B.