Saturday, October 11, 2008

What next? This #2.

The sheeple can only react. They are never proactive.

They think what has happened so far is bad.

They have no idea.



Justin Patrick said...örg_Haider

m said...

You mentioned you chose Australia as your retreat locale. Could you explain why? I get the sense it has to do with nuclear war and a global ice age. I'm also wondering what parts of Australia you recommend - won't they have a HUGE resource problem, especially food, water, and energy? And do you recommend Australia for a foreigner (U.S.), or staying put and bunkering down here?

Texas Arcane said...

Australia is the only totally self-sufficient Western nation on earth. Although the current economy has been skewed towards dependency through a series of artificial restrictions and transfers of ownership, it remains an island onto itself which could completely provide for it's own needs if it had to do so.

Australia has never undergone glaciation. Ice Age for us means colder, drier and shorter summers. It is likely agriculture will still be possible here on a broad scale even in the worst of climates.

Australia is still 92% European. We can police ourselves and control troublemakers if push comes to shove. An ethnic uprising here would likely result in a radical shift to white nationalism and virtual expulsion of everybody with different objectives.

I'd recommend Australia for emigration from the U.S. except the restrictions now are some of the toughest in the world for new immigrants. If you come here you have to be able to prove you will be taking care of yourself and not burdening the social system.

Anonymous said...

I'm betting Tex has a supercharged 'police interceptor' in an underground garage over behind sparkgap, and a leather suit hanging among his NBC coveralls in the bunker closet.

if you want to know why he's *really* in Australia...

(A Thousand Good Intentions)

Bodders said...

F*ck off we're full!

Anonymous said...

that would have to be the best post you have ever written!
the worst post you have ever posted

we got enough bloody yanks here already, I'm just getting used to you dam it.
and to all you Americans over there.

Oh and what bodder's said in triplicate

Justin Patrick said...

This I think is a good review of the Star Wars prequels, to which a lot of criticisms seem to come from a society that is losing it. The reviewer does point out some issues in our society and I think comes to a good defense of the movies, in a way that I think is relevant to this blog: