Monday, October 13, 2008

Volcanism : Not Confirmation Bias

Lots of people believe the only reason it seems that all of the volcanos on Earth both on land and the floor of the ocean have all become active at the same time is that reporting and monitoring is better.

That's a fatal error.


Anonymous said...

I suppose this is all the 'Kwa's fault.

You're nearly as faulty as the globowarmers in your belief system.

Texas Arcane said...

You are a recent visitor to this blog. You are not familiar with the unified field theory of ice ages and extinction cycles espoused on this blog, which in turn is based on the writings of Robert Felix at Ice Age Now.

Before you write something about what you don't know, you should read and understand this blog better. We're way, way advanced beyond your mediavitzim at this blog and most of this is completely new, outside your context and you are not understanding most of what you are reading. You should wait until you understand better. If you prove you can comprehend what is being said, then you should comment.