Thursday, October 30, 2008

Understanding Obama As A Mob Phenomenon

Very sharp writing in the last place you'd expect, the Wall Street Journal.

The Third World deals in the politics of messianic campaigns because most of the people there know perfectly well that nothing less than a supernatural miracle could ever fix what is wrong with their country. That is why they always fail.

As Amerikwa has declined to it's current degradation, it is to be expected it's political scene would become the same droll quest, one election after another, for a messiah.

Any nation that needs a messiah to guarantee them opportunity, the rule of law and some happiness is a nation that can no longer achieve those things by any other means. The Republic was never founded on the idea that we would have angels for leaders, rather the opposite was assumed. That was it's strength and it was the reason it endured as long as it did. A country that thinks personality can determine if it sinks or swim is drowning.


Alex S said...

Obama reminds me very much of the young Ferdinand Marcos who came to power on a similar wave of popluar demand for 'change'. In his inaugurral address as President he said:

"We have come upon a phase of our history when ideals are only a veneer for greed and power, (in public and private affairs) when devotion to duty and dedication to a public trust are to be weighted at all times against private advantages and personal gain, and when loyalties can be traded. ...Our government is in the iron grip of venality, its treasury is barren, its resources are wasted, its civil service is slothful and indifferent, its armed forces demoralized and its councils sterile., We are in crisis. You know that the government treasury is empty. Only by severe self-denial will there be hope for recovery within the next year".

They got change alright. Obama will be no different. Promise them anything then the minute he's elected he will be extolling the virtues of "severe self-denial" just like old Freddie.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, why do you focus on teh USA like that? You live in Australia right? Plenty going on there and all around the Pacific. I'm really curious.

CadorBolin said...

It was a good article.

It's fairly evident that the 'kwa has been increasingly like the Third World (at least politically) for years now.

Bill Clinton may have been white, but received 90% of the black vote as a bloc. George Bush may be a Republican, but he barely won his two elections with 270-280 EVs and did so by pandering to the Mexican vote (and only getting 40%).

You can best judge Obama by the company he keeps. Those who surround him will want their hate whitey agenda fully accelerated. Obama, having some political instincts did not say much about affirmative action and even gave some lip service towards those who opposed it (all subterfuge of course, he cannot build a majority with just 12% that is the black population). I'll be curious to see how he governs.

Anonymous said...

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat the past.

There are scary similarities between the MOB of ancient rome and the Obama crowds. This is a new and unfortunate development for America.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon, the 'Kwa is going to start World War III and everybody knows it. The whole world might press for peace but there's no way that the 'Kwa and Israel will ever let us have it.

They're ugly and meanspirited and they are going to make sure we all go down with them, probably their own allies like Oz will be the first ones they toss on the barbie.