Sunday, October 26, 2008

The System is Grinding To A Complete Halt

Like a compulsive gambler who has run out of friends to borrow money from, the U.S. finds there is nobody left who believes they are "good for it."

It is newsworthy when Taiwan dumps U.S. Debt as toxic waste

The European Union is about to demonstrate why it was a really stupid idea

Communism doesn't work. It didn't work last year and it won't work next year, either. Communism kills. It's a dumb idea that dumb people cannot surrender because it would mean they would have to get actual jobs.

Shockwaves spread across in America as layoffs begin

The ripple effect leads to dominos tumbling one after the other

Circuit City takes a dirt nap

BMW sleeps with the fishes

Dana Corp. Auto creates another refugee camp

Kitchener Frame leaves a crater behind

Whirlpool goes straight down the drain

Lear sails off into the wild blue yonder

Georgia Pacific Plywood nailed shut and boarded up

Copperfield goes Dickensian

Furniture industry isn't moving anything

Snohomish Boat builder sinks to the bottom

Yacht industry gets torpedoed

This is going to make the Grapes of Wrath sweat buttermilk. I dread to think what Christmas is going to be like for a lot of Americans. God bless his elect and here's praying the Lord creates a way for them to get through.


Alex S said...

Tex, I am sure that the natural intelligence and strict work ethic of the typical American will see them thorugh this crisis:

Justin Patrick said...

About 7 minutes in this gets good:

Now we have Marxists blaming a problem, that they caused through government regulation, on the free market! What was that about tyrants rising to power, creating problems that they themselves step in to solve, so they can be heroes and be lauded and given power?