Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Still Pimping That Globalist Crackpipe

It's as if the junkie overdosed and his dealer sneaks into the hospital critical ward after visiting hours and offers him some more when he's on a respirator.

Yes, a little hair of the dog that bit you should just about do it.

Who came up with all this solipsist rubbish, anyway?

I find it a source of neverending astonishment how vigorously mankind will adopt and defend an ideology it barely even understands, sometimes to the brink of destruction.

Bloomberg decides this is a good time to call for global government - whoodathunkit?

Sarkozy backs up his Mossad homeboy 100% on this

Yes, now more than ever, we need more centralized control of the economy and fiat currency. Drink that bitter medicine, you won't get better until you get worse - or die of the cure.


CadorBolin said...

Ireland votes against the EU constitution, so bank failures occur in the fastest growing economy in that continent as a form of punishment? Maybe.

The US Congress barely votes according to the will of their constituents--some arm twisting is done, and the bailout is _increased_ and voted with a sizeable majority.

I'm not that much into conspiracy theories--at least those of the convoluted kind. For example, the 9/11 truth movement goes into complex details about controlled demolition theories and that the planes that hit the WTC were actually missiles.

I prefer the more simple explanation: Mossad/CIA hired 15 "true believers" to actually hijack planes and fly them into the WTC. It's not that much of a stretch to imagine that these unprecedented attacks would cause the towers to collapse in gravity's direction: down.

Is the global financial meltdown a planned crisis to bring a more authoritative "NWO" ? I don't think these guys are that clever -- they're just probably winging it and performing their attacks from many directions until some of these actually hits. Whatever money that was going to be made from these scams has been made.

But yeah, the globalists are going to _try_ to sell their crackpipes to the sheeple as a result of this, that's for certain.

Texas Arcane said...

1. You're right - they're winging it. They usually know less about the consequences of their own actions than others do.

2. Nevertheless, they will always attempt to steer any outcomes into their world government plans.

3. They will always lie and pretend that it's a failure of too much "freedom." All sociopaths blame the freedom of others as the reason they can't get what THEY want in life.